Author: Rundetaarn


The Leaning Tower

In 2009, it was possible to read in the free newspaper Urban that the Round Tower was beginning to lean as a result of the earthquake that had hit southern Scandinavia in the early morning of December 16th 2008. “After the large earthquake in Denmark recently”, a professor from the Department of Geography and Geology at the University of Copenhagen was thus quoted as saying, “we initiated an inquiry of especially the old buildings in Copenhagen, and the results of this show that the Round Tower is not standing in the same way as before the earthquake”. According to the...


Rune Stones in the Round Tower

Apparently the Enlightenment priest Jacob Nicolai Wilse (1735-1801) was also a man of reason when it came to utilisation of space. In 1792 he published the third part of his Travel Observations in Some of the Nordic Countries (Reise-Iagttagelser i nogle af de nordiske Lande), wherein he mentions the Round Tower. It is a place he knows very well since he used to wander up and down the spiral ramp on his way to and from the more than 40,000 volumes in the University Library during his time of study. In 1792 Wilse had been a priest in Norway for...


A Moving Picture

When The Great Danish Encyclopedia issued its sixth volume in 1996, the extensive national encyclopedia had reached the entry words “Erna” and “fracture” and all that was between the two – which included the entry word “farvefotografi” meaning “colour photograph” in Danish. A detailed graphic representation and a photograph depicting a man surrounded by paint buckets accompanied the short article. The photograph was out on loan from the Round Tower’s collection and the tortuous road to here itself is a good story that leads us back to about 1910-12, when the picture was probably taken. It came about in the...